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New Study Says Sneezing Overlaps With Sexual Arousal

Achoo! I Love You!

Mixed signals are often the fodder for romantic comedies, but could sneezing be a mixed signal in itself? According to a rare but documented phenomenon, sneezing fits can overlap with sexual arousal.

According to the BBC, a couple of doctors in the UK were inspired to research this issue after reading about a middle aged man who experienced uncontrollable bouts of sneezing fits when he thought about sex. The study isn't terribly scientific, since chat rooms were the major source of data, but it's still an interesting curiosity. The physicians believe this phenomenon is due to a mixup in brain circuitry, where signals within the nervous system are crossed, triggering sneezes. Considering that the nose contains erectile tissue and, like genitals, may become engorged during sexual arousal, it is kind of surprising that sneezing and sex don't overlap more.


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