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New Warnings on US Smokeless Tobacco Ads Go Into Effect

Surgeon General's Warning Gets Louder

Until recently, the health warnings on US tobacco products have been incredibly subtle compared to cigarette packs in Europe, which are often as blunt as "smoking kills." But thanks to the tobacco law passed last year, US advertising is catching up with bigger, bolder warnings on tobacco products.
The New York Times got its hands on a new ad for Snus smokeless tobacco (above), which follows new requirements that 20 percent of ad space must be occupied by the warning. Starting June 22, all smokeless tobacco products in the US will have to follow these advertising guidelines, and next year, they will apply to cigarette ads as well.

Australia is taking an even more extreme approach: there, the government wants to ban all brand logos and colors on cigarette boxes, leaving behind "only a few words and graphic warning images of shriveled, diseased lungs or gangrenous toes." What do you think about the proposed Aussie law versus the new US cigarette ads; do our regulations in this country go far enough?

Source: New York Times


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