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New Workout Trend: Masala Bhangra

New Exercise Trend: Masala Bhangra

Last week we talked about the new workouts you wanted to try and today we're adding another to the list: Masala Bhangra. For those of you not familiar with Masala Bhangra, it's similar to the energetic dance numbers seen in Bollywood cinema and the worldwide hit Slumdog Millionaire.

Created by expat Sarina Jain, the hour-long cardio workout incorporates sliding steps, squats, jumps, turns, and lots of hand and wrist movement set against upbeat modern Bhangra music — a percussion-based genre that sounds like a mash-up of hip-hop and classical Indian music. The instructors are extremely motivating and the class environment feels more like a fun party than a workout regimen.

Jain first introduced the workout through a series of tapes in the 1990s but as she sensed the growing interest in Indian culture, she decided to teach classes as well. If you are a fan of dance workouts, give Masala Bhangra a try. It's a great way to burn 500 calories.

If you have done this workout, I'd love to hear what you think of it . . .

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Annette25 Annette25 7 years
I Love This! I started her workout out after I taped it on FitTv and I'm up every morning since starting at 6am! I love the music and especially the way she explains each move and the meaning behind it. Calling out to your love, banging the drum so on. Learn while you Burn! Best workout I've ever come across!
vanillabean vanillabean 7 years
I first did this workout at the gym, and really enjoyed it, so I bought the video -- but like Zumba, it is more fun in a group setting that by myself.
nutrihuney nutrihuney 7 years
I caught Sarina's All Star Workout episode a couple of years back. It is great fun and I second tara's recommendation to fire up your VCR/DVR to record this show.
taralynnem taralynnem 7 years
She did a workout on FitTV's series All Star Workouts. It's on this Friday 10/15. So if you get FitTV record it so you can give it a try. ~Tara
ckan81 ckan81 7 years
I LOVE Masala Bhangra! I take a class every week at the Y with Mickela (pictured in white shirt) and once in a workshop with Sarina (pink shirt) and they are amazing! I'm a sucker for choreographed dances. I'm no dancer, but anyone can catch on to these moves and they look so cool when you do them as a group. It's the best cardio class that I take at the gym and I'm exhausted by the end, but I feel way more energized after 60 minutes of it than an hour on the elliptical. You can't even compare the two. I love to teach the moves to friends and family. The music is great. Everybody has a good time. Two thumbs up, way up! As they say in India "Balle! Balle!"
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