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New Year's Resolution Suggestions

New Year's Resolution Suggestions

Are you still struggling to come up with your New Year's Resolutions for 2007 even thought it is just around the corner?

The American Medical Association (AMA) has come up with a list of suggestions to help you start looking ahead to changes you can make today to improve your health in 2007 and beyond.

  1. Don't smoke
  2. Eat your fruits and vegetables
  3. Cut back on salt
  4. Limit fat in your diet
  5. Reduce the amount of soda you drink
  6. Check cholesterol
  7. Check blood pressure
  8. Get a colonoscopy (50 years of age or older)
  9. Get a mammogram
  10. Protect your skin from the sun

To see the full list, visit the AMA's Website. Be sure to declare your own New Year's Resolutions (and see what others are doing for 2007) in "Declare it: The New Year's Resolutions Group".

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