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New iPod Touch Has Nike+ Integration!

If you're like me, you use your iPod mostly when you exercise — I can't live without my tunes when I run. I'm also a religious Nike+ Sports Kit user, the device that snaps into my iPod and tells me how fast I'm running, how far I've run, and how many calories I've burned. It's a wonderful motivator that allows me to keep track of my workouts, but you know, it's tough to keep track of the little one-inch receiver! I've lost two already and have to keep re-buying them. Now I don't have to worry because the new iPod touch (unveiled yesterday) has the Nike+ receiver integrated inside (the first generation iPod touch doesn't, and neither does the iPhone). No receiver to plug in means you don't have to worry about losing it. You still have to wear the sensor that fits in or on your shoe, but I can deal with that. You can get an 8GB iPod for $229, 16GB for $299, and 32GB for $399. It's definitely on my wish list.


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rivrchild rivrchild 8 years
This is a bit off topic, but can anyone tell me why Paula Radcliffe comes on to tell me after EVERY work out "Hope you're feeling great, because you're certainly doing great. you've just completed 500 more kilometers." Isn't 500 kilometers = to about 300 miles?? How is this possible?
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 8 years
I'm with you and your husband, facin8me! I was sooooo bummed.
JessicaLE JessicaLE 8 years
Thank you TidalWave! I don't know why I didn't think of that stuff before. I just always saw Nike on the package, so immediately assumed I couldn't use it. And thanks for that website. I am SO doing that!!
cvandoorn cvandoorn 8 years
I use my Nike Plus with my Asics. However, I don't know how I feel about running with an iPod Touch. It is kind of big. I can see that getting annoying real quick.
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
sooooooo dumb that it isn't out for the iphone! JessicaLE: there are tons of ways to get the sensor working with other shoes. i have successfully used it with aasics, reboks and non-supportive nike's. Here is one way: But you can just search on google and there are tons of different things to do. I sewed a pouch for mine and velcroed it to the tongue of my shoe. You can also make use a plastic bag. Or just velcro on the sensor itself. Absolutely do not be limited by the dumb nike shoe thing. Just be sure to put the sensor as far down in your laces as possible - since it needs to be pretty flat. The accuracy has been perfect for me.
JessicaLE JessicaLE 8 years
This might be a silly question, but can only Nike wearers use this? Or is there some other way that folks like me (an Asics wearer) can use it too?
facin8me facin8me 8 years
It would be awesome if the receiver worked with the first generation iPod Touch. Both my husband and I have Touches and we are totally bummed that this technology won't apply. :(
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