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Nicole Eggert Makes Fun of Weight in New Funny or Die Video

Real Women Gain Weight

Former Baywatch star Nicole Eggert is back and she's sticking it to her critics in a big way. In this Baywatch spoof, the 37-year-old mother-of-one reprises her role as Summer Quinn — red bikini and all. Eggert has endured criticism over the years for weight gain, to which she says, "I'm a real woman and real women gain weight!" The actress is one of the celebrities hoping to slim down on next year's Celebrity Fit Club.

I think this video is a hilarious critique on the emphasis put on body image and I applaud Eggert for putting her weight up for public discussion — what do you think?



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soapbox soapbox 7 years
*shrugs* I thought she looked great in the bikini.
CarlyHP226685 CarlyHP226685 7 years
hey spacekat you are 6'2'' and 150lbs? go eat a cheese burger hun because you are underweight. What is with all these grumpy people. chill out! she isnt obese at all. she has a flabby tummy because she has kids and extra skin. and she has a jiggly butt! Does she need to tone up? yes. but she is in no way obese and if you think she is then you need to talk to a therapist because your views of what is healthy and not healthy are way off.
ummmmNO ummmmNO 7 years
umm first of all she is not fat she might need to tone up but she looks great !
Modus-Vivendi Modus-Vivendi 7 years
Funny or Die is never really that funny.
Sophie827 Sophie827 7 years
Oh and I just wanted to mention that too many of you are taking this 'real woman' thing to far. I don't think Nicole is implying you're not 'real' because you haven't gained 30 pounds. She's just making the point that she is a real person (something people often forget about celebrities) and she that she faces the same challenges regular folk do. 60 hrs weeks Chloe Bella? Wow I thought I had it bad. What type of work do you do?
Sophie827 Sophie827 7 years
@stumbler02 - thank you for making such an intelligent/insightful comment. Just because someone is overweight doesn't not mean they should be made to feel like the scum of the earth. Personally I think all these comments just show how deluded/brainwashed society has become with all the ultra thin celebs/models on every tv screen, billboard and magazine stand out there. So many of you want to go on about BMI but if I put on a bikini 2 sizes too small I would look exactly like this - my BMI is 23. Probably sounds disgraceful to some of you but this is not overweight, and certainly not obese.
travelsugarfairy travelsugarfairy 7 years
where does it say how much she ways or is it just speculation that shes over weight? i think she just needs to tone up, and perhaps get a better fitting swimsuit, the one she has on doesn't seem to be her size
cindys76 cindys76 7 years
I've noticed that most people assume that once you approach 40 you WILL gain weight. Sure your metabolism slows as you age, but that is because people, especially women, lose muscle mass as they get older. I dropped 55 pounds several years after I turned 40 and I've kept it off. I am in better shape not than I was in my 20's. The difference is I lift weights now. IMO, people are too concerned about how they look versus how they feel and their overall health. Nicole Eggert does need to get into shape. Will she look like she did when she was on baywatch (and pre-baby) probably not, but then having kids does change your body. Aging and having kids should never be a reason or excuse to be unhealthy and unfit.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Research shows that most people will put on a pound or two every year as they age even if they maintain the same diet/exercise. Which means that as you age, you have to continually work harder if you want to maintain the shape you had as a twenty something when you're forty something. It's not healthy to put on 10 lbs/decade every decade - it puts strain on your body. But it's also not realistic for most people to expect to be the same weight their entire adult life. For myself personally, I hope that I can continue to put in effort at maintaining my current health/fitness level but not to the point where it becomes an obsession of trying to look like a 20 year old as I approach 40 or 50. I already struggle with the fact that I am not 100 lbs like I was ten years ago (thanks mom!). But on the other hand I look at a lot of women I know in their 40's and 50's who act like their entire self worth is based on them looking younger than they are and I never want to be that! I don't want to be that 50 year old mother competing with her teenage daughter. I hope that as I age - there are things that define me more than my personal looks - like being a great person, contributing to society/charities, being a great parent (should I have children). If I look like I'm 30 when I'm 40 because I've managed to take that great of care of myself, great - but I'm not going to make that the end all - be all of my existence. I agree that maintaining your health/fitness is important but not to the point that your still defining your self worth by it at an age when you should have learned that there's more to life than physical beauty. It's one thing to be healthy but another thing to be obsessed with trying to maintain a 20 year old body on a 40 year old.
vanillabean vanillabean 7 years
Wow! I'm a little tardy for the party here, but I thought the video was very funny, and no way is this woman's weight unhealthy. I think she looks like a thirty something woman, and in fact, if she chose a different style bathing suit, she'd look even hotter! Of course, she doesn't look like her Baywatch days, she was a very young lady then with no children and a busy work schedule. Very few people look the same way they did in their twenties. Sigh! That's just part of life and why it's so much more important who we are on the inside. :-)
sundaygreen sundaygreen 7 years
leslievanhoute - thanks for mentioning that, i totally forgot about that flickr group! i am in 100% agreement with everyone who said she's not obese and that we should support rather than criticize.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
Chloe Bella, thank you! You said that very well. You stated so beautifully what I was thinking.
leslievanhouten leslievanhouten 7 years
As far as what is normal or obese or whatever, check out Kate Harding's BMI group on flickr
leslievanhouten leslievanhouten 7 years
wow, the comments on the funny or die site are far more supportive than the comments here. Women really like to eat their own
Choco-cat Choco-cat 7 years
wow. i can't believe how judgmental everyone is - judgmental against fat; judgmental against skinny. i hope to run into those of you found the clip amusing and left it at that..and to avoid those of you who pass judgment on other's bodies.
hausfrau hausfrau 7 years
Just a reminder that BMI is a TERRIBLE indicator for health. Some of the strongest people and the best atheletes in the world would be obese by that scale. I don't know why but I'm always surprised at the unbridled hate directed to those who are overweight. The last place its ok to discriminate is against the overweight.... while getting pissy that someone suggest it's not normal to be underweight.
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