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Nike+ Fuelband Details

Meet the New Nike+ Fuel Exercise Monitor

Nike put on quite a show in NYC today to introduce its new Nike+ Fuelband ($149). Jimmy Fallon played emcee for a roster of Nike execs and spokespeople, like hoops star Kevin Durant, Lance Armstrong, and sprinter Carmelita Jeter, at the Highline Stages, where the product was unveiled.

The new bracelet is part watch, part exercise monitor, which allows you to set daily exercise goals and share your accomplishments with friends through Facebook, Foursquare, and Path. It's the competitive aspect that Nike hopes will differentiate this product from other exercise monitors. There is a USB port built into the band for uploading your stats, as well as Bluetooth capabilities. Even cooler, the Fuelband also has an innovative battery that can last up to four days. The Nike design team focused heavily on creating a stylish accessory, but this new gadget is really about motivating users to get out there and be active. You know, to just do it!

You can preorder a Fuelband today, which will be available as of Feb. 22. Will you be getting one?

Giovana101 Giovana101 5 years
I just asked a facebook user where she got her before reading this article. I want one! :-D
KeLynns KeLynns 5 years
Looks to me like it will be just as inaccurate as the Jawbone up. Measuring arm movement isn't really a good indicator of actual activity, IMO. I'd rather rely on on a fitness monitor that measures activity in the same location as a pedometer (like the Fitbit) or one that measures how much energy my body is using (like a BodyBugg). Not to mention, I wouldn't want to wear that thing all day every day! Not exactly pretty, and there's no way to hide it.
MyHealthy2224812 MyHealthy2224812 5 years
Has features similar to the Jawbone UP that I have been wanting to order that they stopped production on. Maybe I need to wait for this one. Nice features, though more functional than attractive I think.
Tina-Beth Tina-Beth 5 years
Cool gimmick
Aride89 Aride89 5 years
I love it!
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