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Nike Specialized Shoe: Nike Air Native N7

Nike has its name on just about every type of shoe out there, even high heels. Since it's got all shoe genres covered, it seems like Nike are now making sure everyone on this planet can wear the brand comfortably.

The latest shoe? The Nike Air Native N7. What's so different about this shoe? Well, it is supposed to be the first-of-its-kind performance shoe is built on a new and unique last — a rounded oblong block used to approximate the form of the human foot — created to address the specific fit and width requirements for the Native American foot. The main purpose of the shoe is to help promote and sustain physical activity and address health issues prevalent within the Native American community. Nike didn't stop there though; profits from the sale of the Nike Air Native N7 will support "Let Me Play" programs on Native American lands that leverage sport to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

What's more? The Nike Air Native N7 also embraces Nike’s Considered design ethos, where details in the development and design of the shoe are geared to deliver sustainable innovation and reduce waste, without compromising product performance.

Wow. That's one good shoe. No word where or when it's available but I'll keep you updated.


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