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I have been telling you for a while how beneficial walking is to your health. Now that you've gotten used to walking for exercise, you may want to step (no pun intended) it up a notch.

An old favorite in Europe, Nordic Walking is catching on in the US. What is Nordic Walking? In the most simplest of terms it is walking with poles. Just as a cross country skier would propel herself with poles, nordic walkers use the poles to propel themselves while walking. Nordic Walking even has special shoes, which have a lower heel that makes walking that much easier. Using your upper with your lower body will burn 46% more calories than you would with regular walking.

Here is how to do it:
Keep the poles close to your body. The stride begins when the heel touches the ground and ends when the toe together with the ball of the foot pushes itself off the ground. Make sure your pelvis is lifted up high and that your general posture is taut and forward leaning. The upper and lower torso should both be involved and your mid-torso muscle groups should also be actively working. Opposite arms and legs swing alternately forwards and back.

Really guys, it's just walking with poles, you will do it more naturally than you think. If you feel like people are going to snicker and yell, "hey buddy, you forgot your skis," then you should look into joining a Nordic Walking group for support and strength in numbers.

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kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
I don't know, it sounds like a gimmick to get people to splash out money on poles and special sneakers just to go for a walk.
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