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Nutritional Comparison of Bacon and Sausage

Bacon vs. Sausage

As a big fan of breakfast, I usually make at least one large morning meal on the weekends. With the holidays coming up, I am sure to cook up many brunches too. My daydreaming about these meals in my near future got me thinking about bacon and sausage.

Are they as bad as they seem? Is one the lesser of two evils? Find out if both should be avoided at the next brunch you attend when you


There are many brands of sausage to choose from and for this comparison I chose Oscar Mayer pork sausage link. The bacon in the chart is pan fried.

2 slices (16 g)
48 g
Calories 82 165
Protein (g) 3 8
Total Fat (g) 3 15
Sodium (mg) 188 401
Cholesterol (mg) 9 37
Iron % 0 5

While bacon doesn't really offer much nutritionally, it sure does pack a lot of flavor into two strips. Sausage is certainly more filling — it actually contains some protein — but is also much higher in fat and calories. My suggestion is have a slice of bacon or a link of sausage since depriving yourself of tastes you love is no way to diet. Stick to eating egg dishes for high quality filling protein at your next brunch. Both bacon and sausage are considered processed meats, which the American Cancer Society strongly believes we should all avoid. Although it is unclear what about processed meats increases cancer risk, many health experts theorize that it is the nitrates used in the processing. Look for nitrate-free sausage and bacon.

I am curious to know if you are more about bacon or sausage; share your preference in the comments section below.

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