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It Is OK to Drink Water While Eating

You Asked: Drinking Water While Eating — Good or Bad?

Hey Fit,
I have been trying to drink more water daily and have been drinking with meals too. I have heard, but can't remember where that drinking while eating disrupts the digestion process and even decreases the nutritional value of food. Is that true?
Watered Down?

Great question! Many people feel that drinking water while eating will dilute the acids in their stomach and interfere with the breaking down of food.

To see if this is true,

Drinking water during a meal does not disrupt digestion. It doesn't dilute digestive juices or interfere with the breaking down of nutrients. In fact, water, and other liquids actually help break down the food in your stomach and keep your digestive system on track. So drink up!


Soursap Soursap 4 years
When I drink water when I eat I feel full longer than when I don't. What cause that? I am a very active person (been military for a long time). I run, swim, lift weights, play various sports and I'm a vegetarian and have been for over twenty years.
yu1 yu1 7 years
I could never drink water during a meal, 2 minutes later I'll just feel the food coming up again. It's really bad....Same with coffee...I can't have something to eat with coffee 'cause I get the same reaction.
sandy82 sandy82 8 years
I drink water during because my throat feels dry if I don't.
nylorac nylorac 8 years
i never drink water while i eat only because it makes me feel extra full so that i don't have enough space to eat the good stuff ;) though i try to drink heavily during the rest of the day!
ashieho ashieho 8 years
this is really helpful
emalove emalove 8 years
I've heard this before, but always dismissed it as a myth. Glad it is.
blackdresses88 blackdresses88 8 years
Thank GOD!! I am a big water drinker, and I didn't even know that was a concern people had. *phew*
i think the idea is that it is better to drink the water PRIMARILY after the meal because it helps flush the food through the system. i've never heard to NOT drink during the meal.. just not to drink a lot. i think that most gastroenterologist would agree with this.. it is also the advice of nutritionist to people who are trying to lose weight. (:
jm1983 jm1983 8 years
I try to drink as much water as I can when I'm eating: that way, I eat less!
almostloli almostloli 8 years
i always drink water with my meals :D
karina2244 karina2244 8 years
Got to have water with my meals!!
mem952 mem952 8 years
i like to have a glass of water with my food but my personal preference is not to drink too much water with food - just small sips. people drinking soda with their meals drives me crazy. they sit down to a lovely meal and then have it with a coke? weird.
marie-lee marie-lee 8 years
I'd been told that drinking with a meal isn't good for digestion. I thought it was a load of rot but still wondered.
zeppelinrules zeppelinrules 8 years
Sweet...glad to hear it
wednesday816 wednesday816 8 years
I need to drink a lot more water!
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