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A lot of us are short on time so the best option for getting our daily servings of fruit and veggies may seem to be drinking it (V8, for example). The problem is that new studies show that drinking your daily amount is not the best choice for your health.

A few reasons support this. First of all, most fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants in the skins and peels, which do not make it into juice. Furthermore, solid fruits and veggies also provide dietary fiber not found in juice. Bacteria in our colon break down soluble fiber, producing fatty acids that some studies suggest protects our colon against cancer.

What's more? Fruit and veggie drinks are often high in calories, but we don't often take this (or reduce our calorie intake for other foods) into consideration when drinking them. When we eat fiber-rich food such as fruits and vegetables, however, we tend to feel full and thus, eat fewer calories.

Fit's Tip: Since only one in four of us are getting our daily fruits and veggies, I would say that the juice is better than nothing every once in a while, but always try for the real thing first. How many fruits and veggies do you eat in a day? Take the poll.


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