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Obesity Report Cards in Schools: A Good Idea?

Arkansas is the first state to send home obesity report cards to warn parents of overweight kids' health risks, but the state may ditch the plan or weaken it with the help of the new governor. Arkansas' program began in 2004 after the Legislature directed public schools to weigh and measure children, calculating their body-mass index. Since then California, Florida and Pennsylvania have launched similar efforts.

Critics are saying that sending home an overweight report card to parents may weaken a child's self esteem, which could be detrimental as overweight children already have self-esteem problems.

Supporters say that parents can help since some of the children who got the obesity report card from school have started attending fitness clinics. Furthermore, that some parents don't really know their child is overweight until they get the letter.

So what do you guys think about obesity report cards in schools?

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