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Office Eating Schedule For Weight Loss

Office Weight-Loss Tip: Set Up an Eating Schedule

Busy nine-to-fivers have schedules that don't leave much wiggle room for anything but work. Getting wrapped up in a project often leads to skipped snacks and meals. A growling stomach, headache, and fuzzy brain make you realize you should have eaten lunch an hour ago, and since you're famished, you reach for the first (and probably not-so-healthy) food you can get your hungry hands on. Prevent work weight gain and keep your productivity levels high by setting up a schedule for snacks and meals. After having breakfast at home, here's a basic schedule you can follow once you reach the office.

9:30: Morning snack
12:00: Lunch
3:30: Afternoon snack

Be sure to eat breakfast a couple hours before your morning snack and dinner a couple hours after your afternoon snack. Adjust the schedule to meet your needs and stick to it. (It may help to set up reminders on your computer or phone so you don't forget.) Before heading to work, prepare healthy snacks — like these 150-calorie DIY snack packs — and lunches —here are some tasty vegetarian sandwiches — so you can avoid grabbing greasy fast food or that homemade brownie your co-worker brought in. An eating schedule may seem a little too rigid (or like you're back in elementary school), but planning ahead is the best way to keep you on the healthy eating path.

Source: Flickr User SweetOnVeg

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