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Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones' Workout

Run Lolo, Run!

Lolo Jones doesn't just run. She runs and jumps over things – hurdles to be exact that are 33 inches high. Lolo is fast too and her goal is to win gold in Beijing. She recently shared highlights of her training schedule with Women's Health and here they are.

Jones trains in cycles, so depending on the season her workouts vary. In the Fall she focuses on tempo runs and Pilates strengthening moves. In the Spring, the workouts are focused more on sprinting. Regardless of the season, Lolo lifts weights every day but Friday and Sunday.

To see what Jones eats


There is no doubt that Jones burns tons of calories a day due to her training schedule, and could eat anything and maintain her athletic physique. She does, however, understand food is fuel and that she needs to eat wholesome, healthy foods. The five foods she couldn't live without are: crawfish, dark chocolate, baby carrots and dip, steak, and fruit. With crawfish topping the list, it shouldn't surprise you that she lives in Louisiana. Her guilty pleasure food is super spicy chicken wings, and off season she once ate 70 in one sitting. To that I say, "Dang, girl!"

To find out more about Lolo you should visit her website – runlolorun. Obviously, she has a pop culture bent too! I can't wait to see her race. Can you?


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