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Omega-3s May Reduce Menstrual Pain

Another Reason to Love Omega-3s: May Reduce Menstrual Pain

There are so many reasons to love omega-3 fatty acids. They have anti-inflammatory and mood stabilizing properties, and they have been found to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

New studies reveal that Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly the kind found in fatty fish, seem to block the production of prostaglandins, too! Prostaglandins are responsible for menstrual cramping since they create strong muscle contractions, and the uterus is one strong muscle. Some mainstream doctors are not convinced, but since there are so many healthful benefits to omega-3s adding them to your diet is a great idea anyway. And if it helps beat cramps, I am all in!

Fit's Tips: If you are looking for ways to add omega-3s to your diet, check out this list of the best and worst fish. Salmon is always a safe bet and the wilder the better. If you are on the market for a fish oil supplement look for one with the USP Verified Seal so you know the contents on the label and the contents in the supplement line up.


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