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A new reality TV show airs tonight on TLC called One Big Happy Family. It sounds like a sweet little show, right? But the title is actually a play on words. Each of the four members of the happy Cole family weighs more than 300 pounds. This six-episode documentary reveals the challenges of being morbidly obese, as well as the family's attempts to lose weight on their own. The show's creator, Mike Duffy, compares One Big Happy Family to Little People, Big World. He says, "Little People, Big World is about little people living in a big world. This [show] is about big people living in a little world — fat people living in a skinny world." Watch the video clip for a taste of the show.

The family agreed to be taped, and the creators reassure us that the show isn't exploitative, but how do you feel about broadcasting the lives of people who are overweight? Do you think this show will inspire other obese people to lose weight, or is TLC capitalizing on obesity and degrading those with weight issues?

Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 7 years
What a shameful show. Just one more thing to make their race look bad. It's like that Jersey Shore reality show, that gives a bad impression of it's people too. It's ashame that some people will watch it and believe the stereotype. People should think before they embarrass themselves. And they are NO help to obese people. It's like a joke for them. And these parents should have known better than to allow their children to get obese.
TammyO TammyO 7 years
Sorry but if these people really wanted to lose the weight, much less with some dignity, they would tell the cameras and TLC to get lost and just lose the weight without the circus act.
PinkNC PinkNC 7 years
What, they didn't "put their more sensitive feelings out there"_ These obese people are getting paid to look ridiculous and embarrassing on television. In no way shape or form are these people going to inspire other obese people to loose weight. Obese people want individuals that they can look up too. They want to see how loosing the weight is hard but can be done. They like success stories that can lead them on. Obese people want to be inspired to loose weight. How are the Cole's helping them feel any better or hopeful when they're going to the water park, STANDING AROUND EATING funnel cake and sugary frosty drinks. Why would obese Americans want to see up close shots of these peoples mouths when they're eating and grunting, talking with their mouths full, with food literally on their faces? How embarrassing, not only for the obese community but also for the African American community. We don't need anymore of this behavior on television. This is just another reason why I think most reality shows need to go. They're pointless except for spreading the fact that too many people are ignorant to what having a real life is. Most reality shows show just how disrespectful human being can be to one another for a nickel of attention.
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