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One-Minute Burpee Exercise

Try This One-Minute Challenge For 2013: Burpees

Burpees may be an exercise everyone loves to hate, but they are certainly effective. This move works your entire body as you jump, squat, plank, push-up, and repeat. How many burpees do you think you can do in a minute? Take our fitness challenge and see. Press play and follow along as we count down the seconds along with your reps.

Let us know how you do in the comments section below.

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Join The Conversation
Lori15321536 Lori15321536 3 years
wow ...none, I can't even do a push up right now - which shocked me ...I can do the 'girly' kind ...I guess I can start there
Amy3145567 Amy3145567 4 years
these are killer!
mgmomma mgmomma 4 years
well la di frickin' da - i did a whoppin 5, yes 5
Anna3427887 Anna3427887 4 years
Great job everyone! These are a killer and a great conditioning exercise!
daladoir daladoir 4 years
Only managed 11, but I only started working out last September, so I'm hoping this number will increase :)
jaclyn43552 jaclyn43552 4 years
I made it to 14, had to take a breather in the middle. Such noodle arms I have!
Suzanne3702453 Suzanne3702453 4 years
10 - hernia prevents me from burpees. surgery is monday then 8 week and I will back at them again.
sueharrington sueharrington 4 years
I shouldn't have tried it barefoot on a wood floor....but I did 14!
Jill-Wengler Jill-Wengler 4 years
Wow, that is a killer workout and it really works everything. I bet if I were to give that workout a go I'd be screaming by number five. LOL, Just joking But I can see the benefits of this workout for my core, my legs and this has the ability to be a killer shredder. I 've tried Burpees before with a friend of mine in our group workout session and within 2 weeks of using this work out in combination with this other workout we came across, we were really able to make serious difference in the toning of our body and our muscle strength and endurance. So Happy workout days and good luck.
Nneka-Enurah Nneka-Enurah 4 years
Burpees are killer!
Vickie2614053 Vickie2614053 4 years
I did 20. My 4 year old daughter did eight.
Connecticut-At3699323 Connecticut-At3699323 4 years
14 here.I Love these. Even my 2 y/o Twins were trying to do them! #FamilyFitness
spycej spycej 4 years
I did 19, but modified them by taking my legs out to a v, then back in instead of a push up. Great work out!
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