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One-Minute Fitness Challenge: Gate Swings

The Ultimate Move to Tone Your Inner Thighs

Make your inner thighs burn in just 60 seconds with this gate swing challenge. This functional and full-body exercise targets the inner thighs nicely. First we will teach you how to do gate swings, then we'll lead you through the challenge. Lace up your sneakers, and press play to start the timer.

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Laura15301336 Laura15301336 3 years
Susi-May Susi-May 3 years
Nice work everyone!!!
Vicky15196662 Vicky15196662 3 years
30 and I feel the burn!
Erika15268059 Erika15268059 3 years
Nikki15264921 Nikki15264921 3 years
You feel the burn...
Noelle15252323 Noelle15252323 3 years
Hot Dang! My legs are burning!!!
Jessie-Erin Jessie-Erin 3 years
I love this site and come here regularly to use the fitness videos, but lately they don't seem to be loading properly and I am not able to use them.:-(
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