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Class Fitsugar
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Online Training: Plus One Active

Aside from FitSugar, there are a lot of other great resources online for getting fit.

Plus One Active is a site that provides regular workouts online as well as one-on-one guidance if you'd like. It's cheaper than an actual personal trainer, but still gives you enough information to get your butt moving. There are two programs to choose from:

  • Plus One Active: ($9.95) is a 12-Week workout program designed as 3 separate 4-week phases. Your program is geared towards your individual fitness goals, and provides proven results, for a one-time NON-REFUNDABLE fee. This is a great option for those of us who don't like being accountable to another person.
  • Plus One Active Expert: ($39.00) is for those of us who want the added benefit of working with an Expert Trainer to help achieve goals. With an online Expert Trainer, your workout is constantly being reviewed and discussed with you in order to hit your goals. All of the benefits of the core Plus One Active program are included as well as enhanced tracking and charting capabilities for a subscription fee.
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JennyBell JennyBell 10 years
Another great resource is, it's totally free!
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