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Just when I was starting to think that we, as a society, are finally starting to get the whole eat right and exercise thing; WebMD has to go and totally burst my bubble with new reports.

Apparently only one in seven U.S. adults reported regular physical activity along with consuming five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. What's more? The study may even overestimate actual healthy behaviors because it was based on subjects’ self-reports while research participants are known to routinely overestimate good behaviors and underestimate bad ones. Gabby Reese is right: Do something about it already! Reading FitSugar is a great motivation, but no one is going to shove fruits and veggies down your throat and you are the one that has to actually make yourself get up and exercise. Do it for yourself.

Write a contract up with yourself:
"I want to live longer so this week I am going to exercise at least three times and I am going to eat at least 5 servings of fruit and veggies per day.
If I do not meet this goal, my consequence is: [Insert your appropriate consequence here...Perhaps no Grey's this week].
If I do meet this goal, my reward is: [Insert your appropriate reward here...Perhaps a new pair of shoes]."

Sign it, make copies and put it on your fridge, your desk, where you keep your remote controls, on your nightstand, etc.

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mandiesoh mandiesoh 10 years
i agree crispet! lol. cams, speaking from experience: it CAN be true that i dont have 30 minutes to spare. sometimes i dont even have lunch until 5pm. and that's still in front of the comp & not a proper sit down meal. and i'm the one out of 7 that DOES exercise. :) at the same time, i hear you katie! still, im not paying for my studies now and have a full time job, so its definitely easier to exercise at least 3 times a week.
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
Those pics are crazy!
cams cams 10 years
I agree with Fit, this is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I hate the excuse "I don't have time" You don't have time to work out? Seriously? There isn't 30 minutes you could spare in your whole day to go walk? Some doctor said something like "People who can't find time to work out will soon be making time for illness"
suzanne suzanne 10 years
I'm totally on track with the nutrition :ANEGYPTIAN: ...and so not doing the exercise part... :OOPS:
a-gentle-rain a-gentle-rain 10 years
definitely one of the six!!
katie225 katie225 10 years
it's more effort than i have time for, honestly. there's so much more that i have to do, that things like eating at all or sleeping are just not my priorities right now. it's just too expensive to live where i live that i have to be working all the time just to make ends meet. AND i have school work which takes up all of my evenings. so when i actually drag myself to the gym, i feel guilty that i'm not studying. and then when i'm studying, i feel guilty that i'm not working out. i'm just trying not to think about it anymore. the stress of worrying about eating healthier and working out just cancels out everything that i do to fix it. all the healthy foods are canceled out by the lowered metabolism that comes from stress. i actually end up losing weight faster when i focus more on ENJOYING life rather than feeling guilty about everything that i can't do. i think in general, the reason why most americans don't live a healthy lifestyle is that there simply aren't enough hours in the day for people. by the time most people get home from work, there's only enough time to eat dinner and tuck their kids into bed.
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