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Only Wear Running Shoes While Running

Quick Tip: Change Out of Sneaks When Not Running

Running shoes aren't exactly cheap, so make sure you're treating them properly to extend their life. That means putting them on gently and cleaning them the right way (no washing machine!). Another simple way to keep your sneakers in good condition is to take them off when you're done running.

No matter how comfy those cushioned running shoes feel while you make your way through town, keeping them on when you're not running, wears them down faster. After a run, make sure to always change back into your everyday shoes. On that same note, remember to not use your running shoes at the gym when your workouts don't involve the treadmill.

To further protect your investment, check out this post for more tips on extending the life of your running shoes.

Source: Flickr User nanny snowflake

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runjulierun runjulierun 5 years
I completely agree with this! I have one pair of road running shoes and one pair of trail running shoes. I rotate them, depending on where I decide to run that day. Although, I certainly never wear them anywhere else. I find they last longer, plus for me, one of the best perks of being a runner is showing off toned legs in boots or heels! Quite often, specialty running stores have used shoes --as in worn once and returned-- which can make having a nice quality rotating pair of sneaks affordable.
amber512 amber512 5 years
I totally wear mine for other things, but then I don't spend a fortune on them either and they last me a good long while.
yellowgummy yellowgummy 5 years
So true. I cringe when I see running shoes paired with jeans.
Nancy-Einhart Nancy-Einhart 5 years
Totally. I have a running show rotation: brand new ones for running, slightly older ones for elliptical, and really old ones for just walking around.
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