You'll Want This Star Wars Line of Fitness Gear to Use the Force on Your Core

Oct 11 2017 - 11:15am

Whether you're on the dark side or the light, you'll find something to love in Onnit's new line of Star Wars-inspired fitness gear [1]. With a yoga mat, a slam ball, and a set of different kettlebell weights, the line includes everything you need for an engaging workout. Good in both hot outdoor settings like Tatooine and indoor spaces like the Jedi Temple, the Onnit line has an all-black aesthetic that would make Kylo Ren jealous.

The intergalactic workout goodies are available for preorder right now, so you can start using the Force to tone your physique as soon as the products become available. In the meantime, check out the products and descriptions from the line. You'll immediately grab your wallet . . . and that's no Jedi mind trick!

Han Solo Yoga Mat

They say: "We know, you love this yoga mat. Han Solo, quite literally the coolest guy in the galaxy, frozen forever in carbonite . . . now on a yoga mat. This iconic image of everyone's favorite scoundrel has been printed using a special process that allows for high-resolution imagery without compromising the integrity of the mat's grip. Take home the ultimate bounty, flawlessly represented as Jabba the Hutt's favorite palace decoration."
The price: preorder for $65 [3]

Dark Side Kettlebells

They say: "A bounty hunter, an Imperial Stormtrooper, and the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, these three loathsome figures have been meticulously sculpted and cast in dark black iron to strike fear into the hearts of all in their presence. You will never find a more wretched group of scum and villainy in any gym."
The price: preorder the kettlebells for $150 to $200 each [4]

The Boba Fett kettlebell [5] ($150) weighs 50 pounds.

The Darth Vader kettlebell [6] ($200) weighs 70 pounds.

The Stormtrooper kettlebell [7] ($180) weighs 60 pounds.

Death Star Slam Ball

They say: "That's no moon . . . but it's no medicine ball either. A slam ball is a weighted fitness ball which can be used in a variety of exercises aimed at increasing explosive power and speed. Great for traditional medicine ball movements like overhead slams and squats, as well as more modern uses like wall-ball training. The constant dropping, throwing, and slamming a traditional medicine ball suffers inevitably takes a toll on the ball itself. The Death Star Slam ball is made of incredibly strong and dense polyurethane rubber, giving it supreme defense against any rebel attack. The Death Star Slam Ball is truly a technical terror that has been constructed with no weaknesses (that we know of)."
The price: preorder for $75 [8]

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