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Oprah's Favorite Fitness and Health Items on Her Favorite Things Episode

Oprah's Favorite Healthy Things

If you haven't already heard the hysterical screams coming from a certain Chicago television studio, the two-part (and last-ever) episode of Oprah's Favorite Things 2010 aired last Friday and today. Between luxe items like a VW Beetle, Caribbean cruise, and diamonds, Oprah also gave away quite a few healthy living gifts — she needed something to balance out her favorite mac and cheese and croissants! Check out which fitness, healthy food, and wellness items Oprah is buying this year.

  • Nike "Free Run+" Shoes ($85). Oprah has officially joined the barefoot running trend, and likes Nike Free Run+ shoes because they "strengthen the muscles in your feet, are the next best thing to being barefoot, and weigh next to nothing." Besides the great technology that went into these Nike kicks, we love them because they look good, too.
  • Lululemon Relaxed Fit Pants ($98). Who doesn't love lululemon? From hiking to yoga, Oprah especially loves these pants because they make her look good! "I've got to tell you," Oprah said on the show, "anything that cuts your butt in half should be your favorite thing too!"
  • A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson ($20). This book explains the connection between spirituality and weight loss, teaching readers to focus holistically on how they lose the weight and not how quickly they are doing it.
  • Breville Panini Press ($100). Oprah loves her Breville panini press so much that it's a go-to gift that she gives to her friends. We love it because it's a healthy way to grill up a quick meal without the need for lots of oil or butter.

To find out what healthy gifts Oprah gave on her Favorite Things: Part 2 and see a video of the audience freaking out,


  • Prepara Herb Savor ($30). Using herbs in cooking will cut down the need for salt and sugar. The Prepara Herb Savor keeps fresh herbs, well, fresh — for up to three weeks!
  • Miraclebody Jeans ($110). When you're trying to lose weight, getting into a pair of jeans can make or break your day. Oprah loves jeans by Miraclebody because they have built-in shapewear — think Spanx — that instantly make you look 10 pounds lighter. Is this where the whole jeggings trend started?
  • Talbott Teas Ultimate Collection ($150). We can't say enough about the benefits of tea, and this collection from Talbott Teas is pretty amazing: 12 different tea varieties, honey sticks, tea pot, and a serving tray.
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wackdoodle wackdoodle 6 years
Spectra you're jealous of having to pay taxes on all those "free" items in order to take them home? I worked for a company that participated in the Oprah's Favorite Things show and we gave her show over a million+ dollars worth of products. We got an enormous amount of publicity from the show and the people in the audience got an enormous bill from the state of IL for gift tax. And for those people in the audience who lived in CA they got a bill from the state for gift taxes as well. While this massive give away seems like a boon it is only so if you can pay the tax on the gifts or if you can quickly sell the gifts, pay off the tax and have some funds leftover.
Spectra Spectra 6 years
I watched this episode and all I can say is that I'm SO JEALOUS!! I could definitely use some of that stuff!
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