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Order a Heritage Turkey to Where You Are Traveling For Thanksgiving

Picky About Your Thanksgiving Meat? Problem Solved.

I'm spending Thanksgiving with my folks this year, and while my mom's spread is always amazing, I started having a few reservations about the turkey. After going vegetarian for almost a month, I've been extremely picky about the meat I eat. I've given myself a meat budget, and I'm only eating free-range, organic meat that is raised without antibiotics and hormones.

This is all good for me, but I don't want to take the fun out of Thanksgiving by preaching my ethics to my family or insisting that they spend more on a bird because of me. Instead, I'm having a heritage turkey delivered to my mom's house. My mom is excited that she's getting a "special bird" this year, and I get to eat the kind of meat I prefer without making a big fuss about it.

I've been to plenty of dinner parties where this isn't the case. Guests will insist that the host work around their dietary restrictions, which can often end up being costly and stressful for the people throwing the dinner. If you have a special diet, think about bringing a few dishes with you or ordering a food gift to the house as I did. And because many supermarkets sell organic turkeys, you won't get stuck with the large delivery fee that my boyfriend and I had to pay. Note: it's a good thing to check with your hosts first, but chances are that they'll be excited to try out some new foods.

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Spectra Spectra 6 years
It's a good idea, but very expensive. My mom gets a locally-raised bird every year and it's maybe twice the price of a grocery store bird. It's worth it, but I doubt I'd pay the $140 a heritage bird would run.
Michele-Foley Michele-Foley 6 years
@deanna024 Excellent point about the costs of ordering a heritage bird. My boyfriend and I cut back on a few things in the last month to be able to order the bird. A lot of markets do sell organic/heritage/free-range birds though, which brings costs down considerably. Unfortunately, that is not the case where my mom lives. I like your idea about the quality sides! I'll definitely be making a few this year.
deanna024 deanna024 6 years
That's great you are in a financial position to do that, but it would cost more than $120 for most people to get a heritage bird to feed their family. And in these financial times, that's not possible. I believe it's OK to get a supermarket bird, but just make nicer, quality sides that aren't that expensive.
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