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Outdoor Buddy Workouts

Spice Up an Outdoor Buddy Workout With These Ideas

If you want to get out of the gym or your living room for greener pastures, then an outdoor workout is in order. Make it even more fun by bringing a friend to do one of these outdoor buddy workouts.

Find a boot camp: No need to get creative yourself if you just want to work out. An outdoor boot camp at a park helps you tone and sweat with the comfort of having someone tell you what to do, and going with a friend can make the whole idea seem more fun or less intimidating.

Grab some equipment: Have a set of TRX straps in your own home? A tree in the park makes just as good of an anchor point, and you and your buddy can each use one strap for one-legged planks, reverse lunges, and more. Have a medicine ball? Use it to throw it back and forth between each other while you do sit-ups, Russian twists, or lunges. Bringing a small piece of equipment with you on your workout can add some fun and challenge to your normal routine.


Split up: If you're guilty of taking things slow when you have a buddy to chat with, then it's time to split up (for now). Divide your workout into sprints and strength training; run back and forth to your friend for one minute, for example, while she does sit-ups, or tackle a set of stairs while she planks at the bottom. You can even challenge her time to add a little friendly competition to the mix.

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