The following post was written by Sia Cooper, who blogs at Diary of a Fit Mommy and is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

Spring is here, and cheers to warmer weather! Since the weather is getting more and more beautiful each day, I have decided to take my workouts out of the gym and onto my back patio for some fresh air and sun. My favorite staples for my outdoor workouts are very useful and won't break the bank. You may even use them indoors! If you are thinking about saving money and creating your own home gym, these three items also make a great foundation.

Kettlebells: The kettlebell is my favorite piece of workout gear ever! It is similar to a dumbbell because it comes in several different weights and is used for strength training. However, it looks like a bowling ball with a handle on the top of it; the handle allows for a larger variety of exercises while maintaining a stable grip. My favorite beginner move to do with the kettlebell is a two-handed swing, which works the entire body.


Medicine ball: A medicine ball is another vital piece of outdoor gym gear to own. It looks like a kickball but is usually filled with sand to use as a weight. It comes in several different weights, and you can use it for many different exercises. My favorite exercise to use with the medicine ball are medicine ball squats. The extra weight, when holding the ball, truly helps you to get more out of your normal everyday squat!

Resistance bands: These are lightweight banded tubes, which are attached on both sides with handled grips. I absolutely love these because you can carry them anywhere. You can even stash them inside your purse! They are relatively inexpensive and on average cost around $10. My favorite move to use with a band is bicep curls. You place one foot on top of the band, and while holding onto each handle of the band, you perform bicep curls.

Happy Spring, everyone!