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Outdoor Workout Equipment Appears in Baltimore

I recently read a story that makes me feel like there is still hope for exercise in America.

The Department of Parks and Recreation for Druid Hill Park (Baltimore) spent about $50,000 on the three workout stations (with ellipticals, leg presses, rowing machines, etc.) set about a quarter of a mile apart on the pathway along the reservoir. All the machines are manually operated, and weight cannot be added or removed. How cool is that? The best part? It's free.

The concept of free access to exercise equipment is something every city should adopt, especially with the growing rate of obesity. This way everyone, regardless of economic status, can have access to resistance and cardio equipment. Also, it gives options for those who would enjoy the machines, but can't stand the gym atmosphere.

I'm going to start drafting my letter to the mayor tonight...

Oh, and if you're thinking Druid Hill Park, is that where the name of the R&B group Dru Hill comes from? You're absolutely right.


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mrsgrillo mrsgrillo 9 years
Good idea, bad location. I have not heard of a lot of pleasant activity taking place in this area since I moved to the Baltimore area.
pabird pabird 9 years
Exercise is great however if you are worried about your health I wouldnt execise in Druid Hill Park. You could end up waking up with a bump on your head, no ipod, no wallet, naked, hog tied with a ball in your mouth.
sammyof2 sammyof2 9 years
that is an awesome idea
ma9321 ma9321 9 years
That sounds so cool! I can't even jog at the parks in my neighborhood. How sad is that?!
kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
I looked up the park I was talking about and they have this really goofy pic of a guy using a "workout station". Which amounts to some rings. So I guess they still have them there! :)
kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
They have (or had, haven't been in a LOOOOOONG time) what Mugsy is talking about on the path at Greenlake here in Seattle. Pull up bars, an area for squats, rings. They were posted every so often around the lake (which is 2.7 miles if I remember correctly). They had nice instructions at each so you knew how to use them. I like this idea a lot. It would be really nice if they could add this along more walking trails, or even make a whole park area dedicated to such. They could make it so that families could use it and include kid-friendly activities. Get 'em started young I say!
7kimba7 7kimba7 9 years
I think it's an awesome idea and I would be outside all the time if we had that here... I just wonder who is responsible for the upkeep. The elements are going to be harsh on these.
lnico lnico 9 years
they have these in China, I visited and you would see people up early in the morning (before it gets too hot) excercising, its great!
mugsymay mugsymay 9 years
I love the idea of this and wonder why cities don't do this more often! Although these sound very fancy it seems like there are cheaper stations that could be done ie, pull-up bars, sit-up stations - like the ones from the seventies gym classes before we all decided we needed fancy equipment to work out!
nikolem2 nikolem2 9 years
This is an awesome idea. It's too bad that it really does cost more money to be healthy than unhealthy. I hope programs like this will catch on to make exercise more accessible to everyone in a community!!
esk4 esk4 9 years
we have a small fitness park in my town in RI... its not as advanced as the one you're describing but then again it was built back in 96...
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