Here's the deal. A few years ago, the U.S. changed the rules so we didn't need prescriptions to get cures for yeast infections. The drug companies started bombarding us with hype about their yeast infection products, and suddenly everyone was hyper-aware.

Women started to assume that every time they got an itch "down there," they had a yeast infection. So they rushed to the store to buy the strongest anti-fungal cream they could find.

But not every itch equals a yeast infection. And when you expose your naturally-occurring vaginal yeast to these drugs, some of the yeast may be resistant. Only the resistant ones thrive and multiply, so the next time you get a yeast infection, you've got a panty full of drug-resistant yeast, and you can't just run to the pharmacy and shell out $20 for a cure - you have to go to a doctor and get something much stronger.

This is bad news because as much as 25-30% of yeast infections may now be resistant to your basic Monistat. That's why you may have found that these over-the-counter cures don't really work.

Fit's Tips: You can test it yourself using Fem-V, or call your trusted gynecologist and get their advice. It will save you from the King Kong of yeast infections down the road.