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Healthy Eating Tips
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To Overweight Teens: Liposuction Not the Answer

I just read an article on Medical News Today that mentioned how the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) cautions that liposuction and tummy tucks are inappropriate procedures for weight loss in teens. In fact, a recent editorial in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery(R) (PRS), the official medical journal of the ASPS, discusses the lack of scientific data supporting the use of body contouring procedures to fight childhood obesity.

To this I say: No shit.

Regardless of my personal opinion on the matter, obviously there was a reason for the docs to bring it up in the news, which is totally scary if you ask me, but here it goes... ASPS President Roxanne Guy, MD tells us this:

The use of liposuction to improve the health status of an obese individual, regardless of age, is not currently supported by scientific evidence. In fact, a 2004 New England Journal of Medicine study shows the use of liposuction does not provide the same health benefits as diet-induced weight loss in obese people.

Moral of the story? Stop looking for the magic bullet for yourself and definitely stop letting your kids think there is a magic bullet. The best way to health is with diet and exercise, point blank. When are we going to get it through our media saturated heads?

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applejooce applejooce 5 years
if there is one thing i know to be true is when you are "fat" (like me) youve got to be and FEEL fabulous! even when the whole world is telling you that you arent. and YES it is harder to do than it to say. i can surely give you a huge list of things to live for, and every reason is about you! :) if you dont believe me, send me an email at and you will definitly get that list ! p.s. we are literally living the same story im 16yrs. size 17+ to ruby -applejooce (amber)
ruby-13-1998 ruby-13-1998 5 years
applejooce is right u have no idea wats its like to be fat and to not want to get up in the morrning cus u no wats gonna happen at school ive been tryin to lose weight since i was 7 im now 13 and all ive done is put more on im 14 stone and not happy about it because of this i am very deppresed and i spend most of my time in my room now because i dont want to see anyone all of my friends ae skinny and im the only fat one in my class so i get most of the hate and not all fat people are lazy i love competitive sport and i would love to do dancin and cheerleading but i dont have anyself asteem or confidence i would kill to have a body like normal people my age at the moment im only eatin one meal a day and not alot of water cus i think it tastes nasty and i self harm to get rid of some stress but i genaraly cry myself to sleep at night i allways beg my mom to let me have lipo or a gastric band but she wont let me and i dont no y but it has got to the point now where i just want to kill myself the only thing that makes me want to stay alive is i want to see my sisters children grow up i want to be at her weddin her lifes worked out shes 21 and has a boyfriend they are movin in together and shes a size 8/10 im a size 16/18/20 depending on wat store im in this is the age when looks are everything and lods of skinny people say "im fat" then they look me up and down and i just wonder if i deserve the life i have.
applejooce applejooce 5 years
All of you are ones to talk. You would think twice before judge if you guys were over weight and any diet didn't work. Lack of food and exercise doesn't always fit ones ability, let alone their schedual. Sometimes people need the "easy way out" to be able to get into the kick f exercise and diet. Truthfuly liposuction helps get rid of more things than fat. There are MAJOR emotional issues that are latched onto being fat. Liposuction is nothing more than getting a makeover. Once you change you WILL work to stay that way. For "fat" people liposuction gives them that push to want to stay healthy. It also gives a sense of confidence. So before you pass judgement, think of how you would feel if you were overweight for a LONG time, or try your whole life. You can't IMAGINE the pain that comes with being overweight. Until you actually go through it, you'll NEVER know.
misstsapinay misstsapinay 10 years
I agree. Surgery is not the answer. Everyone is always trying to find the easy way out. Unfortunatly a lot of parents don't have control over what their children eat when they're not home. This made me think of this blog entry someone wrote a while back. This chick took her sister's boyfriend's child (don't ask me how that worked?) to the doctors. His blood sugar level was high for his age and weight. (He was only 8.) Anyway, the doctors needed to run some tests on him and the child threw a fit. This chick said, "Okay, I'll take you to McDonald's if you let them give you your shot." The child gave in because he wanted his Happy Meal. What I never understood is, here is a child who has high blood sugar...He's obviously unhealthy. And she bribes him with a HAPPY MEAL after his appointment? Does that make sense? I think not.
amandasunly amandasunly 10 years
Well, I've never been tempted to ask my parents for anything surgical treatment to remove fat or anything related to that. And I'm pretty opposed to plastic surgery. I just believe that despite my weight or whatever, I shouldn't depend on artificial means of changing my body.
grl-in-the-world grl-in-the-world 10 years
I feel bad for young people that feel plastic surgery is the answer, it should be a last resort after they have tried changes in diet and exercise.
suzanne suzanne 10 years
Ha.. been there, done that tummy tuck thing ove 8 years ago - and I wish I could say that it was a mistake and I regret it, but... Nah! :)
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
About the same time I stop eating Taco Bell, unfortunately.
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