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P.L.O.W. - Earth Day

Since today (April 22) is Earth Day, I thought I should celebrate with some sweet songs about nature, Mother Earth, and all her creatures.

These tunes would be great for a nice peppy walk in the park or a hike in the woods. Get out and enjoy nature this weekend. Take in the fresh air and the gorgeous scenery of our amazing Earth.

Fit's Tips: If you live in NYC, SF, or Chicago, walk, cycle, take public transit or car pool to the Green Apple Music & Arts Festival. This is the largest celebration of Earth Day and they are committed to raising environmental awareness by combining live musical performances from diverse genres, with educational outreach and cultural events suitable for all audiences.

I added a Dave Matthews Song to this playlist not only because he's playing in NYC for this festival, but he also teamed up with Ben & Jerry's and to support global warming initiatives.

To hear my Earth Day playlist, just press the green arrow after you

PLOW Total: 43:49

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