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P.L.O.W - It's Real Hot Outside

P.L.O.W - It's Real Hot Outside

I don't know if you noticed but it's been extremely hot across the country the past few days. So while you may be burning up, don't burn out before you workout. Instead put these hot tunes on your iPod and feel the burn. Before you know it, you'll be looking hot, hot, hot...

"Hot Boyz" - Missy Elliott, 3:35
"Hot" - Avril Lavigne, 3:22
"Hot Ride" - Prodigy, 4:36
"Drop it Like it's Hot" - Snoop Dogg and Pharrell, 4:32
"Red Hot Moon" - Rancid, 3:32
"Hot in Herre" - Nelly, 3:48
"Hot, Hot, Hot" - The Hit Crew, 3:58
"Hump de Bump" - Red Hot Chili Peppers, 3:33
"Red Hot" - Jurassic 5, 3:43
"Burndt Jam" - Weezer, 2:38
"Burn" - Usher, 4:27

Total P.L.O.W. = 42:13

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emelina02 emelina02 9 years
diorbaby diorbaby 9 years
I don't like any of those songs! :-(
Feesje Feesje 9 years
"Hot stuff" by Donna Summer! "Disco Inferno" by The Bee Gees!
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