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P.L.O.W.—Walking and Running

When you decide to add running to your cardio routine, I think the best method is to mix walking with running and methodically cut down the walking time while increasing the running time. Eventually you will be just running and because you have taken the time to build up your overall stamina you will be ready.

Here's a play list to guide your walking / running workout. If the song has the word "walk" in the title, just walk and if the song title contains the word "run" - pick up the pace and run or jog. Think of this workout as a musical version of the game Simon Says. This mix also works wonders for straight up running. No matter your poison medicine, this music mix will get you moving!

"Walk this Way" - Run DMC, 5:10
"Running with the Devil" - Van Halen, 3:36
"Walk Away" - Franz Ferdinand, 3:37
"100 Miles and Runnin' " - NWA, 4:32
"Walk Away" - Kelly Clarkson, 3:08
"Run It" - Chris Brown, 3:49
"I Walk the Line" - Johnny Cash, 2:42
"Born to Run" - Bruce Springsteen, 4:29
"Walk It Out" - Unk, 2:59
"Running on Sunshine" - Jesus Jackson, 4:54
"Take a Walk on the Wild Side" - Lou Reed, 4:10

Total P.L.O.W. = 43:10

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