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Paleo-Friendly Brussels Sprouts Recipes

33 Delicious and Healthy Ways to Prepare Brussels Sprouts

33 Delicious and Healthy Ways to Prepare Brussels Sprouts

If you're sick of your go-to dinner side dish, try one of these delicious Brussels sprouts recipes from our friends at PaleoHacks!

Not many vegetables are as divisive as Brussels sprouts. Whether you love them (like we do!) or hate them from visions of your over-boiled childhood trauma, we believe they deserve to be looked at in new and exciting ways.

So why are the humble Brussels sprouts worth a second look, you ask? Because they are one of the world's healthiest foods! (See, Mom was onto something after all).

High in antioxidants, vitamins (especially vitamin C), minerals and fiber, these tightly-wound little veggie nuggets can truly boost your health index.

With a flavor that's similar to cabbage, but as robust as kale, there are all sorts of ways that Brussels sprouts can be prepared. Sliced raw in salads, sautéed, roasted or even grilled, the methods that you use to cook these little nutritional powerhouses can change the flavor dramatically.

Or you can peel them, cover with salt and oil and bake them into crunchy petals that are not unlike kale chips. You can take a plain approach and steam them if you wish, but over-boiling is definitely not okay!

To remind you that you really don't need to wait until Thanksgiving Day to have your share of Brussels, we compiled a list of 45 ways you can enjoy these little delights every single day!

Try using bacon, garlic, balsamic vinegar, or lemon zest to help showcase the sweet-salty versatility of these sprouts, or make a full-blown meal with diced chicken, sweet potatoes or eggs.

Take a look at this list of Paleo-friendly ways to prepare Brussels sprouts and challenge yourself to try a new one every week. Even if you used to think you hated them, we're pretty sure these recipes will convince you otherwise!

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