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Panera Bread Breakdown

Oftentimes we think of sandwich/bread shops as a healthier alternative to say, McDonald's. While this may be the case trans fat wise, that's about it. So before heading out to grab a bite at Panera Bread, you may want to check out this breakdown first.

To see the nutritional breakdowns of popular Panera Bread items

Meal Calories Fat (g) Sodium (mg) Carbs (g) Sugar (g)
Low-Fat Vegetarian Garden Vegetable Soup (8 oz) 90 0.5 860 17 4
Boston Clam Chowder (8 oz) 299 11 910 19 2
Tomato & Fresh Basil Crispani 960 39 1650 111 15
Italian Meat Classic Crispani 1140 54 2970 114 15
Stawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad 310 3.5 530 35 21
Grilled Salmon Salad 340 14 820 32 13
Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Salad 830 56 960 56 9
Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich 590 13 1450 100 9
Italian Combo Sandwich 1100 56 3200 91 5
Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich (on Sourdough) 430 14 2050 44 5
Frontega Chicken Panini 870 41 2300 78 7

Fit's Tip: While I would highly recommend sticking to soups and salads, you can also order most sandwiches (and salads) in half sizes to cut down on the amount of calories you are consuming.

AbigailSwPeaLily AbigailSwPeaLily 9 years
I thought they were quite alright until I read this food coloring heavy usage facts. No bread for me. I'll stick with salads.
AbigailSwPeaLily AbigailSwPeaLily 9 years
Ugh I read Panera uses food coloring for their bread. British researchers found that artificial food colorings and preservatives in the diets of 3-year-olds caused an increase in hyperactive behavior.
AbigailSwPeaLily AbigailSwPeaLily 9 years
Panera still wins as the best small chain for fast food I think. they seriously need to lessen the fat however. Only two items I am able to get from there.
amuse817 amuse817 9 years
I work at Panera. :) If you ever need to know anything about the food content (especially if you are watching your weight or have food allergies), just ask someone to bring out the nutrition guide. We have a book with everything we serve in it (it's a pretty large book), and we're happy to show you. A lot of people see how large the book is and say "Just forget it." But for us weight/health conscious people, it's worth it. Plus, it's sectioned off by food type so it's actually pretty easy to find anything.
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 9 years
i usually get the 1/2 and 1/2 with a low-fat soup and a salad, and i ask for no cheese on the salad. i love it though- prob my fav restaurant.
sarafina sarafina 9 years
I love Bread co., but I can't believe the sodium content of my favorite sandwich, the med. veggie!! Yikes! I always get half of that with black bean soup. Ah well, I'm just too addicted to bread co. :]
Allotrios Allotrios 9 years
Oh no! No, no, no, don't ruin Panera for me! Nooooo! Their breakfast soufflés are the best! (I'll guess at around 500 calories? y/n?) I'm a very static sort; I find something I like and I don't tend to deviate. When I eat there, I always get the half and half deal: Half a Caesar salad and half a Frontega chicken sandwich. (Almost always pull out the onions and ask for extra field greens and basil.)
Hollywoodjess Hollywoodjess 9 years
I was just wondering where to find calories in stuff here. I love this place, I always get the half and half combo...salad and a panini but its always like a turkey thing....
netty82 netty82 9 years
Wow..the sodium content in most of these items is insane! I still love Panera though. It's delish!
thexxnewxromance thexxnewxromance 10 years
Yummmmm, I love Panera. Their "you pick 2" is good because you get a half sand which and soup or half portion salad.
lily3484 lily3484 10 years
Panera is great! I found one way to lessen the calories in there sandwiches is to just eliminate the cheese. The strawberry salad is phenom though and low cal!
La-Belle La-Belle 10 years
panera is crackkkkkkk...i love it there. i never had that salmon salad it sounds amazing though!!! in nj they have bread, soups, salads, sandwiches and pizzas...MMMMMM. their asiago bread is amazing and so is their veggie black bean, baked potato and brocc cheddar soups. but i always heard they were very high in fat...i mean the food's too good to be true!! but what better place to get fat than panera? ;-)
bellyforasigh bellyforasigh 10 years
their broccoli cheese soup is so good, but i doubt it's low fat.
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
wow, sorry for the multiple posts!
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
I love Panera Bread!
dancinstarr dancinstarr 10 years
tomato, basil, mozz panini is the yummiest. i came into work this morning and there was a panera bread coupon on my desk...think that was a hint that I'm going there today! =)
Rockerchic13 Rockerchic13 10 years
I love Panera. A great low cal. sandwich is turkey on rye with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Fantastic soups as well!
oceannightstars oceannightstars 10 years
I love Panera Bread! Great bagels, broccoli and cheese soup or black bean soup and its great to have a 'fast food' option that isnt french fries and burgers!!
sugar-n-spice sugar-n-spice 10 years
Panera is SO YUMMY!
zastone zastone 10 years
I hear ya on the Chicken and Wild Rice Soup! My favorite. Imagine how I felt when I stood in line and just when I got to the front of the line they took the sign down because they were out! TWICE! I mean c'mon!! Their Spinach and Bacon Souffles are also soooo good ... sinful ... but GOOOOD!!
Orchid23 Orchid23 10 years
I love panera bread! but seesshhh! look at the sodium for the Italian combo & frontega chicken sandwitch! WoW I love there Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken salad tho..yummy
ktacce ktacce 10 years
if you're looking for a bit shot of protein, check out the new tomato, basil and motz. panini.... its got a bajillion grams of protein!
cassee cassee 10 years
No matter how many calories they have, I will forever get their pumpkin muffins. I can't describe how amazing they are.
BELLA20 BELLA20 10 years
I love their frontega chicken panini but i only eat their once in a while
darkoblivion darkoblivion 10 years
I only eat their soup & salads... there are an awful lot of calories in their sandwiches.
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