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Part Six: 8 Secrets of the Naturally Thin

We all want to know what those naturally thin people are doing to stay so um, naturally thin. Prevention has discovered that healthy thin people just don't think about food the same way as everyone else. In this 8 part series, I'll reveal Prevention's 8 Secrets of Naturally Thin People one by one.

  • They Have A Self-Control Gene: Researchers at Tufts University found that the biggest predictor of weight gain among women in their 50s and 60s was their level of disinhibition, or unrestrained behavior. Women with low disinhibition (in other words, a finely tuned sense of restraint) had the lowest body mass index. High disinhibition (i.e., low restraint) was linked to an adult weight gain of as much as 33 pounds.

    Emulate Them: Prepare for moments when your disinhibition is likely to be higher--such as when you're in a festive atmosphere with a large group of friends. If you're at a party, tell yourself you'll take one of every fourth passed hors d'oeuvre. If you're out at dinner, order an appetizer portion and share dessert. Or if you're stressed--another low-restraint moment--make sure you have a source of crunchy snacks (like fruit or carrot sticks) at the ready.

More secrets revealed this week. Did you miss any? You can see all the secrets here.


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puddinpie puddinpie 10 years
I was pretty good at keeping my weight stable in university, but 2 years ago, I lost all self-restraint and 20 pounds piled on really quickly. I was still exercising, but it wasn't making up for all the dinners out and desserts I was baking and then eating. I lost most of it without dieting, but trying to keep to 2000-2300 calories most days, and exercising.
bearbizzle bearbizzle 10 years
if you use food as a reward for doing, well start to develop real un-healthy eating habits. try to keep food and emotions on two separate continents. Don't use food as a fix for any emotional problem and also don't reward yourself with junk after eating healthy for a few days. This way food isn't used as a way to stimulate your brain's reward system and you don't start to justify your eating habits...
doubleuendy doubleuendy 10 years
self control is a big key to losing weight. ive put on about 10 pounds last year and i know its because i eat what i see. if there's a lot of food infront of me i want to eat all of it! couple days ago (after being so sick of seeing my muffin tops everyday) i am cutting down what i eat and being careful of how much food i get. so far just been 3 days and believe it or not i see a difference. i just gotta work out on top of that and i will be ready for summer :)
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