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Partner Yoga Pose: Backpack

Got a tight back? Here's a fun way to open your spine and stretch your hamstrings too. I call this Backpack.

Music: "Lazy Days" by Enya

  • Stand back to back with your partner. Lock elbows and Partner #1 bends her knees and places her bum under Partner #2's bum.
  • Then Partner #1 slowly folds forward, lifting Partner #2 off the ground and onto her back. Stay like this until either partner is ready to come down. To release, Partner #1 slowly stands back up and then you can switch roles.
  • After you both have a turn, take a step apart and fold forward. Reach for each other's hands or legs and hang here for a few deep breaths, releasing your lower back and stretching through the backs of the legs. Stand up when you're ready.
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Ray021401 Ray021401 6 years
yea me and my ex girlfriend used to do this also, it is sooooooooooo nice.
Ninapontus Ninapontus 9 years
Haha , me and my bestfriend doing that all the time, it's soo fun!, and it actually helps.
bellechic bellechic 9 years
lol... my sister and I do this all the time! It actually really helps poen up your back
ktacce ktacce 9 years
my ex boyfriend used to do this to me, it was sooooooooooo nice (and my back always cracked, ahhh, feels so good!)
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