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Partner Yoga Pose: Dog Hero

Partner Yoga poses are all about supporting one another and helping to bring your partner into a deeper, more fulfilling pose. This is one of my favorites that I call Dog Hero.

Hero pose is all about stretching through your quads, but if this pose is easy for you, when you lie on your back, you won't really feel much of a stretch. That's where your partner can help. By adding just a little weight to your thighs, and helping you stretch through your arms, this pose becomes much more intense (in a good way). Plus the person on top doing Downward Facing Dog also gets a wonderful stretch through their upper back and the backs of their legs. By joining these poses together, both of you will feel the benefits.

Here's how to get into it.

  • Talk to your partner and figure out who will be Partner #1 and who will be Partner #2.
  • Partner #1 lies down on the ground and gets into Hero pose with their arm extended over their head.
  • Partner #2 stands above Partner #1's head. Partner #1 grabs onto Partner #2's ankles. Then Partner #2 bends down and places their hands on Partner #1's thighs in a Downward Facing Dog position.
  • Make sure you talk to your partner and say things like "Is this okay? Should I move my hands? Tell me when to stop. Press harder, etc." Stay for as long as you both decide, and then switch positions so Partner #2 starts in Hero pose.

Whatever you do with your partner should feel good, and remember that the least flexible person is in charge. If you are new to yoga this probably isn't the best partner pose to try. The most important thing is to listen to each other's needs and suggestions, have an open mind, and have fun. If you loved doing this Partner Yoga pose, give Standing Straddle, Double Dog, and Double Tree a try.

yogini yogini 10 years
I love partner yoga and that looks like a great stretch for the person on the bottom. Just make sure they can hold that pose with no knee issues.
Vexedlovely Vexedlovely 10 years
Just started yoga and will give this a try! especially for the extra stretch you get doing the hero pose.
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