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Partner Yoga Pose: Double Standing Straddle

Doing yoga with a partner can be so much fun, not to mention you can each get deeper into poses than you could on your own.

This partner yoga pose called Double Standing Straddle is great for opening the backs of your hamstrings, stretching out your lower back and neck, and lengthening the spine. Since your head is below your heart, this pose is great for relieving headaches, sinus pressure, and boredom.

Remember that with all partner poses, the less flexible person is the one in charge. Talk to each other while you're in the pose, communicating if something hurts, or you want them to pull harder.

  • Stand back to back preparing for Wide-Legged Forward Bend, with your feet about 3 ft apart, and about 6-8 inches between you and your partner's heels (you need room for your tushes once you fold forward).
  • Both partners bring their hands to their hips. Take a deep inhale and then lengthen through the spine, tucking the tailbone under. As you exhale, fold forward at the hips, extending the crown of your head down towards the ground.
  • Reach your arms through your legs and grab onto your partner's wrists. Stay here for as long as you both want, and as you get deeper into the pose, you can reach further up towards your partner's forearms and triceps.
  • Release the pose when you're both ready by placing your hands on your hips, and rising up to stand as you inhale.

Fit's Tips: You can also do this pose with your tushes touching, but that can be a little too uncomfortably close for some people. If you know your partner pretty well, try it and see which variation you like better.


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