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Partner Yoga Pose: Down Dog Scorpion

Backbends top my list of favorite yoga poses. It feels great to arch my spine and stretch through my abs and chest. Some backbends are more challenging than others though, like Scorpion. Since it involves balancing on your forearms as well as bending your back, you might need a little help getting into it. You can do Scorpion on a ball or in front of a couch, but if you have a friend nearby, give this partner pose a try.

To see a video showing how to get into this,


  • Partner #1 (black shirt) comes into Downward Facing Dog.
  • Partner #2 (lilac shirt) stands to the left side of Partner #1 and places her hands behind Partner #1's hands. Then she lays her belly on Partner #1's back, so her feet are off the floor.
  • Then Partner #2 presses her belly into her partner's upper back, lifts her legs up and bends her knees. She raises her head up, too, actively arching her spine, working on lowering her feet to her head.
  • Then Partner #2 lowers her legs back down, and steps her left foot and then her right onto the floor and stands up. Then they switch roles and Partner #1 gets a chance to try Scorpion.
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