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If your back is feeling sore or tight, you need to find someone to lean on and I mean that literally. Find a willing partner and give this double yoga pose a try. To be honest, when I first saw this pose, I thought it looked boring, but trust me – it feels amazing. Your spine and the muscles in your back will thank you.

There's much more to this pose than you think so for the details


  • Partner #1 (man) starts on his hands and knees. His hands should be underneath his shoulders and his knees underneath his hips. He draws his belly in and elongates his tailbone away from his neck, creating a sturdy base for his partner.
  • Partner #2 (woman) stands by Partner #1's feet and lies her back on his, so that the middle of her spine is resting on his sacrum (at the base of his spine). She wants to completely relax her body, closing her eyes if she wants.
  • Partner #2 just enjoys the sensations as Partner #1 alternates between rounding his spine up to the sky and arching his spine towards the ground (you may have heard it referred to as cow and cat).
  • Partner #2 can keep her arms by her sides, relaxing into her partner's movements, or she can extend them over Partner #2's head.
  • Continue moving together for one to two minutes. Then slowly come out of it and switch roles.


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lyndie31857 lyndie31857 9 years
my boyfriend is always complaining of a tight will take a little convincing, but i will have to get him to try this with me!
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