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Partner Yoga Pose: Mirrored Hero Pose

Looking for a way to stretch your quads and get an intense upper-back stretch? Then give Mirrored Hero a try. It's really easy to do and feels so good, especially if you hold the pose for a while.

For a detailed explanation of how to do this partner yoga pose


  • Both partners sit on the ground in Hero pose, with their knees a couple inches apart. If they can, they separate their feet and sit flat on the ground, in between their heels.
  • Now each partner extends her right hand and clasps onto her partner's right hand. Then they reach their left hands underneath their right and clasp hands.
  • Each partner should focus on drawing their shoulders down as they lean back, tucking their chin in. The more each partner gently pulls back, the greater the stretch in their upper back and quads.
  • They stay like this for at least five breaths and then they move their torsos back to an upright position.
  • Each partner releases their left hands and then they join them above their clasped right hands. They repeat the stretch for five more breaths, and then release.


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Ninapontus Ninapontus 8 years
Hmm never seen this pose before...but it looks nice^^
kia kia 8 years
This looks yummy. I could go for a partner stretch right now.
MizFit MizFit 8 years
VERY COOL. Id love to get my hubby into partner yoga. MizFit
MizFit MizFit 8 years
VERY COOL.Id love to get my hubby into partner yoga.MizFit
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