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Patagonia's Common Threads Recycling Program

Patagonia's Common Threads Recycling Program

Do you ever think about how much stuff ends up in the trash? So much crap ends up in the dump after we're done using it, and most of it won't biodegrade.

The people over at Patagonia are working to help this problem. In 2005 they launched their Common Threads Recycling Program. Customers can return their worn out Capilene Performance Baselayers to Patagonia for recycling. They've also added Patagonia fleece, Polartec fleece from other manufacturers, and Patagonia organic cotton T-shirts to their list of recyclables.

Their long-term goal is to take environmental responsibility for everything they make. After you give up your used clothes, they use the recycled materials to make new clothes. Here's a crazy (and long) video explaining Patagonia's program. It talks about recycling your "undies," but they are referring to capilene long underwear (also called baselayers).

Doing a little end of summer closet clean-out and interested in recycling your old clothes? To find out how

  1. You can either mail your washed item(s) to the Patagonia Service Center at:

    Patagonia Service Center
    ATTN: Common Threads Recycling Program
    8550 White Fir Street
    Reno, NV 89523-8939

  2. Or drop them off at the Patagonia retail shop nearest you.

Pretty cool, huh? If you choose to recycle your old clothes, you'll gain the satisfaction of knowing that your old polyester garments will not end up in a landfill or an incinerator, and that future Patagonia products will require significantly less virgin polyester (less oil) than products from seasons past. You'll feel good knowing your actions are helping the Earth.

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