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Personal Equipment Splurge: Horizon WT951

If you have a little extra cash to spend and you're looking to splurge on a cool new piece of cardio equipment for your home, then you've got to think about getting the Horizon WT951.

This treadmill is not just your average personal cardio machine. It has a wireless pedometer that you can wear throughout your day. When you are home (and when you push the send button) the pedometer will transmit your step count to the treadmill for your daily recap. After getting your data the treadmill will calculate how many more steps you need to complete the recommended amount (10,000 steps/day for healthy women). It will then suggest a workout, factoring in the steps you've already taken that day so it actually feels like a personal trainer and a treadmill all in one. To find a dealer near you and for more information and pricing (FYI: it tips the scales around $1,000), visit

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