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Phillips Plans to Produce a Remote-Controlled Pill

Are Remote-Controlled Pills in Our Future?

Yes they are!

Philips, the electronics company, has designed a remote-controlled pill to help solve the problem of faulty time released medications already in use. Basically, it will be a little capsule that has a reservoir inside it (see 144 in the diagram) that holds the medicine. You can control a valve in the capsule with an external remote control, so it releases the medicine when you want to. External factors such as a rise in pollen count, or a rise in a patient's blood pressure will also be able to trigger the medicine's release too. What's more? The pills will also be able to hold several kinds of medications, so you only have to take one pill a day.

Phillips plans that the remote-controlled pills will be inexpensive and disposable, so they won't need to be collected and recycled after each use.

Very cool, but is this sounding a lot like a plot from the movie Innerspace to anyone else?


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