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Photo of Brandi Chastain in Sports Bra

Brandi Chastain and Her Bra: a Great Moment in Women's Sports?

When the US women's soccer team won the Word Cup in 1999, it was thanks to Brandi Chastain. She scored the winning goal on a penalty kick and promptly ripped off her shirt to celebrate. The moment has been nicknamed "the bra heard 'round the world." The photos of her are infamous, and she became a household name, her moment in the spotlight eclipsing an amazing win for US women's soccer.

Her dark sports bra was part of the memorabilia installed at the Sports Museum of America in New York City. But when the museum went bankrupt and all the sporting souvenirs placed in probate, Brandi's bra was held for a ransom of $250, plus shipping. After many e-mails and phone calls, her bra is back in her hands to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her famous penalty kick win — an oddly sweet and sentimental tale.

Her disrobing on the field, to me, was a celebratory gesture. When my husband sees me wearing a sports bra with no shirt, he always calls me Brandi. Kind of funny but also kind of sad that this is what she is remembered for since she is also a tremendous athlete. What do you think? Was this a great moment in women's sports? Can you name any other infamous sporty gal moments that have captured the nation's attention? Are there moments in sports where our nation's female athletes made you proud to be an American?

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