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Photo of Carol Alt on the Cover of Playboy, Talking About Her Raw Food Diet

Carol Alt Eats It Raw

Carol Alt used to hit the runways, but now she's hitting the produce aisle, since she's way into the raw food diet. She's been following it for the past 12 years, so what got her hooked? Early in her modeling career, she was told to lose weight and did so by dieting (and depriving herself) silly. She became really unhealthy, was always tired and sick with colds and the flu, and had respiratory issues. When she tried the raw food diet, her health dramatically improved, yet she was able to maintain the lean size she needed for modeling. Now at age 48, she still has that amazing figure and is even showing it off in the December issue of Playboy. Carol's goal was to "promote raw eating and to show women that they, too, can look their best at any age."

To hear more about this diet and see a video of Carol explaining how it can help you maintain a healthy weight,


If you're not familiar with the raw food diet, it's just like it sounds. All the foods are organic and raw, including uncooked veggies, fresh fruits, soaked grains, and sprouted seeds and breads. Most raw followers avoid meat and dairy, but Carol eats sashimi (raw seafood), carpaccio (thinly sliced raw beef, veal, or tuna), and raw milk cheeses. It's believed that eating a Raw Food Diet can increase your energy level, help you lose excess weight, relieve migraines and depression, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, and can also eliminate acne and asthma.

If you want more information, Carol wrote two books, Eating in the Raw ($11) and The Raw 50 ($12). She not only raves about this lifestyle, but she also includes recipe ideas so you can start reaping the same health benefits.

Check out her peppy video interview below.


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