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Lose Weight With These 50+ Protein-Packed Vegan Breakfasts
Despise Burpees? Do These 5 Exercises That Are Just as Effective
beginner workouts
The Very Best Arm Workout For Beginners

Photos of 100-Calorie Portions

What 100 Calories Really Looks Like

Calorie counting is the way to go when it comes to losing weight, and no, I'm not talking about eyeballing amounts. Check out the photos below so you get a sense of what 100- and 150-calorie portions really look like.

100 Calories of Fresh Fruit

100 Calories of Summer Veggies

100 Calories of Whole Grains

100 Calories of Salty Snacks

100 Calories of Halloween Candy

150-Calorie Snacks
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