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These Side-by-Side Photos Will Change the Way You Look at (and Talk to) Yourself

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Seren Pollard recently posted these side-by-side photos to show that we are often our own harshest critics. She captioned the photos, "The power our mind has over us is scary scary scary 😶 how come when I looked in the mirror all I saw was fat?"

That's what people told Seren, so she believed them. "Guys told me I had big thighs, bingo wings, and a huge ass that jiggled when I walked. And these words crushed me." POPSUGAR caught up with Seren about this post, and she said, "It's the sad, sad truth that so many of us can relate to."

Her response to the body shaming was to cut calories, skip meals, and drink tea to stop herself from eating. As she grew smaller, other girls used to tell her that they wished they were as small as she was. "They wanted their collar bones to show, a flat stomach, a thigh gap. I was 'lucky' to be so tiny. No I wasn't lucky, I starved myself and then binged," she said.

It's heartbreaking that girls grow up believing their body size is a reflection of their beauty and self-worth. Hopefully the more posts like this, the more awareness we'll raise about how detrimental body-shaming comments and societal standards can be.

Whether someone has made a comment about your weight or you're putting yourself down, remember that your mind is powerful, and it can change the way you see yourself. That's why it's important to shower yourself with positivity, kindness, acceptance, and love. So the next time you're in front of a mirror, try not to criticize what you see, but rather take note of the amazing person you are on the inside.

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