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Pick Your Own Berries to Have a Healthy, Fun Weekend Activity

Get Physical: Pick Your Own Berries

Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries — fresh-picked berries are one of my favorite things about Summer.

For a weekend adventure that's fun for the entire family, I like to go berry picking. Not only do I feel that it's important for my girls to see where food actually comes from, it is also a fun and physical activity. In fact, according to Fitness magazine, you can burn over 600 calories with two hours picking berries. Plus, it tires out the kids, ensuring long weekend naps — every parent's dream.

To find a farm near you that lets you harvest your own fruit, visit the Pick Your Own website. The easiest search method is to click on your state and scroll down the page to the state map. Then just click on the county you live in to find a local farm.

For a few tips on berry picking, read more.

  • Arrive early, because many farms can be picked clean by noon. Plus, it is cooler in the morning and more pleasant.
  • Bring your own containers. I like to bring wide and shallow pieces of Tupperware. If you stack too many berries on top of one another, they bruise. So don't spoil all your hard work by making heaping piles of fruit.
  • Don't forget to apply sunscreen before you start picking. Make sure to slather up the back of your neck, too.
  • Pack plenty of water and snacks. Harvesting berries makes for thirsty work.

When you get home, you can make a tasty fruit salad or just eat the fruit plain. It will be so fresh, ripe, and delicious. YumSugar has some berry tasty recipes for you try.

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